Client Press Release: 4R Systems Serves as Lead Sponsor for The 2nd Retail & Consumer Goods Executive Summit

April 16, 2015

Written by John Centofanti

John’s background spans the creative side of business, including content writing, branding, graphic design, and more. In 2006, John founded Creative Stream Marketing, serving national retailers, tech companies, and B2B companies across the US.

The Summit takes place April 27-28, 2015, NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, NYC.

BERWYN, PA, April 16, 2015 – 4R Systems, Inc. announced it will serve as lead sponsor for Knowledge@Wharton’s High-Velocity Growth Series: The 2nd Retail & Consumer Goods Executive Summit. The Summit will take place April 27-28, 2015 in the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City. 4R is a leading provider of advanced inventory and supply chain services that help retailers increase profits by optimizing their inventory and related supply chain decisions.

4R Systems’ CEO Kevin Stadler will deliver a joint presentation with two of its retail clients, Family Dollar and Pep Boys. The presentation, “Improving the Customer Experience through Localization: Methods Two Retailers are Using to Get There,” will spotlight Robert Q. Jones, III, Divisional Vice President of Merchandising Services at Family Dollar, and Camille A. Fratanduono, Vice President of Merchandising Operations at Pep Boys. The retail clients will share how they have increased profits and efficiency by leveraging inventory and supply chain analytics and services in their respective chains.

4R’s CEO Stadler said, “Knowledge@Wharton’s Retail and Consumer Goods Executive Summit is a valuable opportunity to hear many top retail thought leaders. I’m proud to continue 4R’s strong tradition of retail thought leadership, and especially honored to present with our clients from Family Dollar and Pep Boys.”

The Retail and Consumer Good Executive Summit features retail leaders from AT&T Retail Sales & Service, Cinnabon, Foot Locker, Frito-Lay, General Growth Properties, Heineken USA, Major League Soccer, Rue La La, Things Remembered, Taco Bell and many more.

Interested retailers can learn more and receive a 15% registration discount for Knowledge@Wharton’s Summit here: Register online or call +1(646) 807-8555.


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