Client Press Release: Industry Retail Group (now Vector Security Networks ) Reports Technology Trend

April 24, 2013

Written by John Centofanti

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IRG delivers next-generation broadband-powered applications and services to retailers and other multi-site organizations across North America.

BETHESDA, MD, April 24, 2013 – Industry Retail Group, Inc. (IRG), a leading provider of retail-centric broadband-based applications and services, recently hosted a round-table discussion with retail leaders and offered their insights into why multi-site retail chains are gravitating toward IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) networks and away from MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks. IRG offers both network topologies and will design, implement, and manage either, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

MPLS can be delivered over broadband services like Ethernet, T1 or DSL connection, and is used to create private Layer 3 networks to efficiently implement flow control, traffic shaping, or queuing in support of differential service on the network. Gabriel Martinez, IRG’s Chief Technology Officer stated, “Both MPLS and IPSec have inherent strengths. As retailers set out to change the in-store customer experience, the demand on the communication infrastructure to support feature-rich applications changes as well. Thus, costly T1 access no longer satisfies the need for speed and performance. With the exploding prevalence of super-high-speed and low-cost access technologies, that bottleneck is removed. Customers now have a tremendous amount of flexibility and portability with other topologies that can take better advantage of this new wave of network enablers, such as IPSec VPNs.”

IRG’s IPSec VPN design delivers reliable primary and secondary Internet access into the store locations. This solution offers end-to-end managed WAN network solutions based on a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), designed to effectively and efficiently meet retail customer requirements. Security is top of mind for retailers – protecting customer data, financial transactions, and other confidential data. Offering customer Wi-Fi is now commonplace, mobile POS is on the rise, and customer-facing broadband applications are proliferating every day. Retailers are attracted to bolstered security more inherent to IPSec. Further, IPSec is very secure, scalable and stable, allowing the focus of the infrastructure to return to the applications and the customer experience and away from the network itself.

“Security, speed, performance and reliability are foremost to our clients,” said Mike Luzio, IRG’s CEO. “Retail chains are looking to run more broadband-intensive applications, and these attributes are mandatory. A shortfall in any respect can spell a lost sale for our customers, and we simply do not tolerate that. IRG’s MNS solutions have been in a state of continual demand for a very long time now as retailers’ interests align behind the customer experience – an interest we too, share.”

Martinez added, “This is not a sweeping recommendation for every multi-site retailer to switch from MPLS to IPSec. Our engineers can evaluate, advise, and tailor solutions based on what’s most effective for our clients.” For more information on IRG’s IPSec offering, including Unified Threat Management services, please visit


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