Client Press Release: Intersect Healthcare Formalizes Relationship with AppealMasters

April 15, 2015

Written by John Centofanti

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The two companies have served mutual clients for years, and going forward will present a more powerful, unified offering to hospitals needing to protect revenue and increase profitability.

April 15, 2015, Lutherville, MD—Intersect Healthcare, a leading developer of Payer Compliance, Audit & Denial Management software for healthcare providers, has formally partnered with AppealMasters, a team of highly specialized revenue recovery experts who provide appeals outsourcing and education to hospitals.

Intersect Healthcare is the pioneer in online solutions for managing audits, denials, and appeals. Its VERACITY™ software suite is a business process, workflow management and appeal communication tool designed to help providers accelerate their response to commercial denials and regulatory audits, as well as identify their underlying causes. VERACITY is now used by over 300 healthcare systems nationwide.

AppealMasters is a team of revenue recovery experts who educate and assist healthcare providers in responding rapidly to government audits and commercial denials. They are the leading appeal educator in the U.S, and hold regular webinars strictly geared toward educating the appeals community how to use evidence based guidelines to win more clinical and coding appeals.

Brian McGraw, CEO Intersect Healthcare, shared, “Healthcare providers are challenged with protecting their profit while delivering excellent medical care. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to do both. By combining our VERACITY software suite with the experts at AppealMasters, we can better equip hospitals to communicate across their appeal teams, win more disputes, and ultimately reduce denials. We’re confident this relationship will help hospitals increase profit by decreasing their denial write-offs.”

The two companies have worked closely together to serve clients, and both hold complimentary areas of expertise in Medicare Compliance, Revenue Cycle, Regulatory Audits and Commercial Denials.

Denise Wilson, Vice President of Clinical Appeals at AppealMasters, added, “Winning appeals and protecting hospital revenue requires effective tools and a strategic approach. What we’re offering now is our expertise combined with a very robust tool—the VERACITY software. Hospitals don’t have to accept denials, and we help them win more appeals.”

Healthcare providers can visit Intersect Healthcare and AppealMasters at the following upcoming industry events.

  • Fun ‘n Games at HCCA in Orlando: Visit Intersect Healthcare and AppealMasters at Booth #213. Play our Whac-A-RAC game to win two-dozen Maryland-style steamed crabs, shipped free. Test Drive our VERACITY™ software suite.
  • Win the Wheels at ACMA in Phoenix: Visit Intersect Healthcare and AppealMasters at Booth #300. Attendees may register to win one hundred entries in the Win the Wheels contest. The previous two winners of the car have registered at the Intersect Healthcare booth!

Attendees at either show may register to win a TV & Xbox Bundle to be donated to the children’s hospital or children’s charity of choice.


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