Why Content Development is Important for Business Growth

November 15, 2011

Written by John Centofanti

John’s background spans the creative side of business, including content writing, branding, graphic design, and more. In 2006, John founded Creative Stream Marketing, serving national retailers, tech companies, and B2B companies across the US.
Content is king, they say. It’s never been more true, as long as it’s relevant content for your audience.

Americans have been referred to as consumers for a long time. Today, we’re not just consuming electronic gadgets, food, and other products, we’re consuming information. That information, or content, can be news, entertainment, social media, or finding a recipe for biscotti.

Businesses that provide the content people want are better positioned for growth. In the not so distant past, companies that provided valuable content were appreciated. Today, people not only appreciate your content, they expect it.

Regardless of your business, you have content. It just may be in your head, and not easily available to your audience. This content can range from how your technology can save your customer money to offering advice on how to choose the right furniture for your home. Your expertise should be shared with your audience. This gives potential buyers a chance to know you, and they appreciate the benefits of your free advice.

Offering content, especially free content, to your audience is no different than the free glass of water you get in a restaurant. Will there be people who drink the free water and don’t order a meal? Maybe, but the expertise you share is sure to have a payoff.


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